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PLANNING FOR COLLEGE: It’s never too early to begin thinking about College

Have you asked yourself these questions when thinking about your future and college?

Where do I start? How early should I start preparing for college? What classes should I take? How do I begin the process of getting ready for college?

Click on the links below to get some basic information on the college process. There are many other great sites on my webpage and more on the internet that have a wealth of information on planning, preparation, career selection, and financial aid.

Give yourself options!!! Have a few possible career choices in mind when you select a college. Make sure that your choices are available in one place so you're not jumping from college to college if you choose to change your career path.

Juniors, contact the colleges you're interested in to make sure that you know what courses are required for that school. Know what courses you're going to need before you start to schedule your junior and senior year classes.

Talk with Mrs. Dornburgh for advice on where to start and what classes to take.