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Board Information

Board of Education Information Pamphlet

2023-2024 Board Goals

Goal #1: Teaching and Learning

  • To support the career and professional development of teachers, staff and administration. 
  • To support the administration and staff in their efforts to identify, develop and promote inclusive educational opportunities for a balanced educational program for all students in our district, and to provide diverse extra-curricular activities that encourage student participation

Goal #2: School and Community Culture

  • To encourage and communicate efforts to increase community involvement in education and community accessibility to school
  • To build a climate of mutual trust within and among the Board of Education, administration, faculty, staff, parents, and community. 

Goal #3: Finance and Facilities

  • To develop an annual budget that is fiscally sound that provides transparent communication regarding the budget to all community stakeholders
  • To effectively communicate the need for upcoming Capital Improvement projects to all community stakeholders

BOE Approved: September 7, 2023