Music Clipart
    Welcome to the Town of Webb UFSD  
    Instrumental Music Program!
       This program is dedicated to providing a safe learning environment that promotes quality music, encourages creativity, and always strives to excel. Instrumental lessons begin during the summer after 4th grade. Our school is very fortunate in that it provides all instruments and materials for EACH student!  Performing groups consist of Junior Concert Band, Senior Concert Band, and Stage Band.
       The music of a time reflect the people of the time.  By studying music, students can develop an insight into the culture, feelings, and minds of the people from a past period, as well as the present day. Music allows all students to be creative and expressive in their own individual way.  Regardless of age, gender, nationality, or IEP, EVERY student has the potential to create, enjoy, perform, and express themselves through music.  I believe that music not only teaches passion, but teaches us to develop a sense of passion for life, learning, and humanity to carry throughout life.
    "A painter paints pictures on canvas.
    But musicians paint their pictures on silence." -Leopold Stokowski



Last Modified on February 20, 2018