ENDED 10/31/16 
     Collector:  Jessica Pashley
    Phone: 315-369-3222 Ext 2119
    Email:  towtax@gmail.com 
    FOR COPIES OF RECEIPTS:  www.taxlookup.net
    Please contact your county office for payment information: 
    Herkimer County                          867-1145
    Herkimer will collect payments until 11/18/16.  Payments must be RECEIVED by this date. 
    Checks Payable to : Herkimer County, 108 Court Street, Suite 3100, Herkimer, NY 13350 
    Amount Due + 3%
    Herkimer Office Hours 8-5
    Town of Webb-Assessor                                                369-6880
    Town of Webb-Town & County Tax Collector              369-6453
    Oneida County                798-5750
    Oneida County will collect payments until 12/5/16.  Payments must be POSTMARKED by 11/30/15.
    Checks Payable to Commissioner of Finance, 800 Park Ave, 5th Floor, Utica, NY 13501
     Amount Due + 3%
    Town of Forestport-Assessor                                        392-5547
    Town of Forestport-Town & County Tax Collector      392-2801 ext 4
    If no payment is received by either of the above dates; taxes will be relevied onto your town & county taxes payable in January.
Last Modified on November 1, 2016