• A Teacher's Role in RTI


    RTI requires that a teacher:
    • is provided with a well articulated curriculum from the district which identifies the content knowledge and skills expected of students in all core areas for a grade level
    • provides all students with explicit and systematic instruction that maintains the fidelity of each researched based program in place at a grade level
    • employs effective and scientifically researched instructional and classroom management strategies
    • examines universal (for Town of Webb UFSD) assessment data for success of the instructional program by identifying the % of students at or above the benchmark (baseline) score
    • identifies students below the benchmark (baseline) score indicating a need for Tier I intervention
    • establishes goals in concert with the established baseline (and  predictions of growth), and provides scientifically based instruction/interventions matched to student needs
    • monitors progress frequently with district assessments, and graphs student results in relation to the established goals
    •  examines growth progress to determine (1) is the selected intervention(s) working or (2) if there is a need to alter the intervention(s)
    •  continues with interventions/progress monitoring of student until (1)goal is reached or (2) lack of growth requires a meeting with IST Committee to determine next steps.

    Teachers: To Reach RTI Edge/AIS Edge Go to   http://web200.moric.org