P.T.C. Mission Statement
          The PTC seeks to support The Town of Webb School in its mission, "The mission of the TOWS, in collaboration with the community, is to foster academic  excellence, create responsible citizens, and promote life long learning."
  • By encouraging parent and community involvement,
  • By identifying needs and securing resources.
PTC is short for Parent Teacher Community. The PTC provides games, refreshments, and prizes for Open House.  It provides the wonderful Christmas gifts your children give to you from Santa’s Shop. The PTC raises money to buy items such as calculators that the school does not have the budget to purchase, skis for students who need them, donates to the Community Scholarship fund, and school band trip.  It puts on dances, provides chaperones, and refreshments.  The PTC purchases gifts for teachers and staff and provides refreshments for Appreciation Day.  The PTC raises money to fund all of these good things through bake sales, sweatshirt and umbrella sales, tickets sales for open house games, etc.  If you would like to be a part of the PTC and help the students and the community, come to a meeting and join the PTC.


If you would like to join the PTC, complete the form below, attach a check for $5 or $10 made payable to PTC and send into school. (we have a bin with the mailboxes) 


PTC MEMBERSHIP FORM:    $5  Individual/$10 Family Donation/Dues






Telephone #:______________________________________ e-mail:______________________________________


Are you interested in volunteering for PTC events?         ________Yes                 ________No   Which?______________________________________


Last Modified on October 26, 2016