• 12th Grade Economics

    - Course Syllabus -  

    Teacher - Mr. Kinney

    Room # - 218

    Email - jkinney@towschool.org

    Course Summary:    - Economics is a single semester course (required for graduation), which concentrates on the manor theories, practices, and personal applications of wealth.  This course will emphasize the further development of your reading, writing, researching, and individual economic knowledge.  We will be covering about 2 chapters per week- of which daily homework assignments will be given, weekly quizzes, and tests every Friday or Monday. Each student will also be required to complete one project that is based on creating and monitoring a stock portfolio in combination with a paper for a midterm grade.

    This class will be broken up into four major areas of content (with smaller units built into each one):

    1.)                   Basic Economic Theory- learning basic theories, concepts, and vocabulary.

    2.)                   Individual Financial Security-  Wages, taxes, savings, investments,  purchases, and budget

    3.)   U.S. Economic Policies & Practices.

    4.)   The World- The Global Society - What are some of the Economic practices of other countries?             

                                              - How do our practices/policies affect our economy within the global market?

    Economic Course Curriculum Highlights ….

    1) Development of Skills - Critical thinking and analysis, Technological,& Writing/Study

    2) Career Opportunity within the Economic realm

    3) Developing key understanding of Economic Historical Figures & Concepts

    4) Exploring the idea of Global Economics and Interdependency

    Grading Policy:

    HW                          =   15 %  * % of Quarter Grade.

    Notes                      =   25 %  * % of Quarter Grade.

    Quizzes                  =   20-30 %   * %’s will change based on the amount of work done, how many quizzes or tests


    Tests                      =   20-25 %      

    Participation          =   5-10 %        *Also- any approved extra credit assignments will be factored into the final 10wk  


    Total                       =      100 %          

    Final Exam Outline…

    Final - Students will be give a Comprehensive Exam consisting of –

    - Multiple Choice Questions      - Matching     - Fill in the Blank   - True/False Statements     - Long Answer

    Classroom Rules:

    1) Each Student starts each quarter with 100, it is up to each individual student to either maintain or lower this avg.

    2) Come prepared every day to learn, listen, contribute, and respect the students within the classroom community.

    3) If you come into the room late, I know you're late you don’t have to come and tell me why.  I will either ask you when you come in or I will simply wait until the end of class to ask you.

    4) Late assignments will not be given credit!!!

    5)  Each day a paper is late ½ letter grade will be deducted, and after a week the paper will be an

        F (50).

    6) If student is absent they have….    a. 3 days to turn in Classwork/HW missed.

    1. 3 days to make up any Quizzes/Tests missed
    2.                                                             c. all missed assignments, quizzes, and tests will be made up on student’s  

                                                                    own time!!!

    1. Paper are expected within a day of Students return to school

    7)  Planners are to be used as both passes out of the room (ex. bathroom) and to keep track of daily

         assignments.  If a student doesn’t have their planner they do not leave the room.

    8.) All other school rules apply in this classroom, so don’t break them.

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